We specialize in supporting mission and value-driven nonprofits who want to use data to learn. We partner with organizations working in community change, service delivery, and social justice. Our work has positively impacted the lives of youth, LGBTQIA+ individuals, single parents, low-income families, immigrants, and people experiencing homelessness and we are eager to continue serving these communities and others.

how we work

Meeting clients exactly where they are

At Catalyze, we understand that relationships are at the core of impactful work. In partnership, we listen deeply, collaborate closely, and push for clarity. We understand the constraints of time, energy, and money that all nonprofits must contend with to pursue their unique missions. We meet our clients where they are currently and work collaboratively to get them where they need to go.

Our Passion

We love nonprofits

At Catalyze, we share the same fundamental goals as many nonprofits: to improve the lives of our neighbors and communities. We are inspired by their passion and determination to shape the world they want to live in. We value our work with nonprofits because achieving each unique mission brings us all closer to a just, vibrant, and thriving humanity.

Key Capabilities

Strategic planning

Assisting clients in identifying key goals and making plans to achieve them 

Evaluation research

Discovering what is happening and why, then setting a plan for successful change


Guiding clients with tools and strategies that honor all voices and perspectives

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