2Gen Program Evaluation for Upskill

Worklife Partnership
Worklife Partnership was founded in 2009 with the goal of helping employees overcome challenges that keep them from being engaged at work. They partner with businesses who want to help cultivate a stable and productive workforce. Their mission is to build prosperity for individuals, businesses, families, and communities by unleashing the potential of front-line workers through collaboration with their employers and other resources. By identifying challenges faced by employees such as access to adequate health insurance coverage and mental/behavioral health concerns, they are driven to tailor the diverse needs of their clients to provide the right expertise when and where it is needed.

How do you dial in the fidelity of your program? You deeply engage stakeholders in conversation

The mission of WorkLife’s Upskill program is to help working parents reach their career goals through professional development and, in turn, to improve their financial stability. We interviewed program participants to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in their coaching and training model, tracking the impact of the program on whole families through the use of a 2Gen approach (described here). We also conducted interviews with Upskill’s referral partners to assess the effectiveness of the referral process and understand Upskill’s role as a community partner in serving Colorado families in need.

Change Making

Evaluation created opportunity for informed decisions

Knowledge gained from this evaluation will enable them to better identify appropriate participants for the program, improve success rates, and make adjustments to their business model with a focus on sustainability.