Program evaluation for Project Self-Sufficiency

Project Self-Sufficiency
Project Self Sufficiency began in October 1986 initially serving 65 families. Today their programs are offered to 137 families concurrently. Their goal is to help single parents in Larimer county become self-sufficient, offering support in pursuing an education, career exploration, and the job search process. They value self-power, opportunity, respect, connectedness, excellence, and accountability. Through these values they are driven to support low income families achieve economic independence and become free from community and government assistance.

In improving their program for low-income single-parent families in Larimer County, our client learned more than they anticipated

In moving towards the goal of helping families in need become self-sufficient, Project Self-Sufficiency advisors help parents navigate through an impressive array of support services: finances, education, employment, childcare, transportation, housing.

Change Making

Personal connection and concrete support lead to great impacts

Through interviews with program participants, we helped our client learn that the “informal” support that program staff offer—the personal connection, listening, and building confidence—was just as important as the concrete supports. This insight helped stakeholders understand the impact of their program outside the traditional focus on formal outcomes